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October 18th – Menopause Day

On average, #menopause lasts 4-5 years with symptoms that are often debilitating like hot flashes, mood swings, and #fatigue. Read about what foods you should be eating to help reduce the manifestations of menopause.  https://www.womenshealth.gov/menopause/    

Radio Health Journal Interview

This Saturday, October 7th, Skytree Naturals CEO, Rick Bendera, and scientist, Brazos Minshew, will be on air to discuss how polyamines in food affect our bodies. Listen in on the national show, Radio Health Journal, or check it out on our website now. https://skytreenaturals.com/interviews/

Cortisol – that pesky “stress” hormone

Cortisol – that pesky “stress” hormone. But what can you do about it? People have been practicing energy techniques like yoga and tai chi for thousands of years to balance stress and build a healthy body. Check out the Chi Channel to create some harmony in your life. https://bit.ly/2Imwdxi

Rebuilding and Rebalancing your Health

Hormonal Harmony is an affordable, scientifically backed, plant-based supplement. Unlike Hormonal Replacement Therapy, which can be expensive and have unwanted side effects, Hormonal Harmony works with your body to naturally assist in rebuilding and rebalancing your health. Take the quiz at skytreenaturals.com to see if Hormonal Harmony can help you. Quiz for Women Quiz for … Continue reading Rebuilding and Rebalancing your Health

Hormonal Harmony is NOT a hormone

Did you know? Hormonal Harmony is NOT a hormone. Its active ingredients are polyamines. Found in plant foods such as oats, cucumber, and radish, these naturally-based elements are essential for cellular growth and renewal – and are particularly helpful in the balancing of hormones.