Talking about Skytree Naturals Hormonal Harmony with Cary Nosler.

I found out about the Skytree products and looked at their research. I appreciated the fact that actual published information was available so I thought I would give it a try. Specifically I was taking the Hormonal Harmony. To me the real laboratory is how I perform in the gym. I have been working out for many years and am always looking for an edge that is consistent with my desire for healthful additions to my daily protocol. Much to my surprise after a couple of days taking the Hormonal Harmony I noticed how much energy I had during my workout. Mondays are sometimes hit or miss for me workout wise but on this particular day I remarked to a friend that I was amazed at not only my energy level but how easy the workout seemed. As in all things I adjusted my activities to coincide with my increased strength so it will be interesting to see how my workouts progress, but for now I am pleased with the results and will report on my progress in other areas as well. Definitely glad I am giving it a try.

Cary Nosler. Co-host with Kelly Cappisola for Forever Young Radio show at KSTE lives in Sacramento, California.

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