Quotations & Reviews


“Tens of millions of couples are affected world-wide by some form of sexual dysfunction. For them, Conceive offers real hope. These products don’t just treat the symptoms; they get to the root of the problem. And they do it naturally.”

H. Kozak, M.D., Toronto, Canada


“I believe Nokomis Research has finally achieved the impossible with Conceive. They have developed and patented naturally-based compounds that mimic the human body’s natural hormone production, re-establishing normal sexual function for both men and women, with the added bonus of increasing sperm production for those men who suffer from the challenges of infertility.” 

Frank Sweet, N.M.D., Arizona, U.S.A.


“More provers (users) tested positive (showed positive results) than in any other proving that the college has conducted”.

Todd Rowe, President,

American Medical College of Homeopathy (AMCH)

(Regarding Skytree Naturals hormonal balancing formulas)


“Stress is America’s number one health problem so these results are very gratifying”, noted Richard Bendera, CEO of Skytree Naturals LLC.. “We have finally established the critical link between nutritional ingredients discovered in 1678 and their vital role in balancing hormones and relieving stress. Quality of life can be significantly improved and the aging process decelerated if hormonal deficiencies can be corrected. Our polyamine discovery has now been shown to assist in bringing those hormones back to an optimal state.”

Richard Bendera,

CEO, Skytree Naturals


“I have been working out for many years and am always looking for an edge that is consistent with my desire for healthful additions to my daily protocol. Much to my surprise, after a couple of days taking Hormonal Harmony, I noticed how much energy I had during my workout. Mondays are sometimes hit or miss for me workout-wise but on this particular day I remarked to a friend that I was amazed at not only my energy level but how easy the workout seemed. I am pleased with the results and will report on my progress in other areas as well. Definitely glad I am giving it a try”.

Cary Nosler. Co-host Forever Young Radio show, KSTE, Sacramento, CA


“I’ve been using the product for a little over 30 days now. My stamina has increased. My muscle strength has increased too. This product keeps me safer while driving. I understand that it takes 90 days to fully rejuvenate my body but I’m already doing much better. I’m glad I found this product.”


Trucker, Utah


As a 49-year-old owner-operator trucker, my physical strength is very important to my livelihood. I was amazed at the increase in strength I experienced after taking your Hormonal Harmony product for 12 weeks. My muscle tone and strength are excellent. I literally feel younger and my stamina is great. I’m not getting tired as quickly. My overall energy levels are so good right now. Your product has helped me reduce the amount of caffeine I use by over 80%. I’m almost completely off caffeine now.

Robert H., Utah


“Your product helped stopped hot flashes, night sweats, and increased my libido. What a wonderful change.”

Audry, Arizona