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‘The Skytree Naturals’ Story

Hormonal Harmony SupplementIt all started with a radish. Well, a radish leaf actually. Dried, desiccated, and steeped in water to make a tea. A tea thought to promote well-being and enhance fertility.

We experimented with this tea and found that yes, there was something to this old world recipe. It worked. Problem was, we didn’t know why. Didn’t know what the active ingredients were.

But by chance – serendipity one of our researchers called it – and a lot of research, we figured it out.

That was over two decades ago. A time during which we conducted innumerable tests, trials, and provings. And the results were amazing. We found we were able to not only enhance fertility, but improve all sexual functions, including libido. That led to our first patent, and to the 2004 debut of our first products – Eroxil for men and Erosyn for women.

As the company’s reputation grew and sales expanded internationally, consumers taking our products began displaying other positive benefits, benefits we hadn’t expected. Things like weight loss, hair growth, increased energy and strength, reduced fatigue, and – most surprisingly – a marked decrease in anxiety and mood swings. This was huge.

But it meant back to the drawing board. More research, more testing, searching for an answer to what we believed could be, literally, the fountain of youth. And finally, we had our answer.

Our formulas were helping to balance hormones.  

And if they could balance hormones, they could not only alleviate some of the most common everyday symptoms we all suffer, they could actually reset the body clock, wind it up again. Energy, sleep, sexual function, stamina, weight loss could all be improved. Mood swings, fatigue, menopausal symptoms could be alleviated. All by balancing the body’s hormones. Next step? Obtaining patent rights.

Skytree Naturals fitness assist with Hormonal HarmonyIn 2016, we did just that. Our patent for hormonal balancing was approved and we began developing alternatives to expensive Hormone Replacement and other medical therapies, alternatives that addressed the root causes of hormonal imbalance, not just eased the symptoms.

To produce and distribute these products, we established a new company – Skytree Naturals.

Today, Skytree Naturals offers three hormonal balancing products through its website, www.skytreenaturals.com : Hormonal Harmony, Conceive for Women, and Conceive for Men. Two additional products are currently under development – both to help counteract the signs and symptoms of aging during the life-changing stages of menopause and andropause.

All our products – with their key patented ingredients – help bring hormones back to their optimal state, decelerating the aging process and improving quality of life

We have spent decades researching and developing naturally-based, scientifically-backed therapies, therapies that are both effective and affordable. Those efforts have resulted in a number of high quality products that deliver results you can count on. Both now and into the future.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Skytree Naturals is simple: Create safe, effective, and affordable solutions that help enhance the quality of life.

Our Process

Everything we do, every product we create, must adhere to two principles: they have to be naturally-based and scientifically-backed.

Naturally-based: All our products must be naturally-based. We use polyamines, naturally-occurring elements that restore and regenerate cells and tissues within the body, combined with the nutrient power of red radish leaf and select vitamins and minerals. Everything in our products is on the label.

Scientifically-backed: All our products are subjected to rigorous testing and intensive research. Clinical trials, extensive human observational studies, and toxicology studies are employed to ensure our patented formulations work not only effectively, but with absolutely no evidence of any detrimental effects on health, growth or overall wellbeing. We work closely with key medical and scientific experts worldwide to ensure the safety and efficacy of all our products.