Q:       Your slogan says ‘naturally-based’. Are the Skytree Naturals’ products really natural? Or are they some forms of synthetics?

A:        Our active ingredients are what are termed biogenic polyamines. They are bio-identical to naturally-occurring phytochemicals found in plant foods. (in other words, the actives have the exact same chemical structure as the natural source but are of a purer concentration) and are essential elements in cellular and tissue growth and regeneration. Leading edge researchers, pre-eminent in this field of study, have referred to our actives as a genre similar to over the counter vitamins.

Q:        How safe is it? What if I take more than one pill a day? Is it safe if my children, my pets consume it?

A:        Our products have been subjected to over 20 years of rigorous testing and intensive research. Clinical trials, extensive human observational studies, and most recently, a toxicology study have shown these polyamines to work not only effectively, but safely, with absolutely no evidence of any detrimental effects on health, growth or overall wellbeing. Our recommended daily dosage is extremely safe and comparable to what an individual might consume through foods with a high concentration of the active ingredients (products such as oats, radishes, corn, cucumber). As with most over the counter supplements, our products are not recommended for children. Nor are they recommended for pregnant or lactating women. As a precaution, they should be kept out of reach of both children and pets.

Q:        Are there any negative side effects?

A:        No. Our products have been subject to years of intense research and trials before coming to market in order to ensure their efficacy and, most importantly, their safety. And for almost two decades, they have been used by consumers without any noted side effects. Years of international research conducted by experts in the field have also confirmed a safe and effective history of usage. The actives in Skytree Naturals’ products do not interfere with other medications.

Q:        What is the availability? Is it only available on the internet? Can I not buy it in a store?

A:        Currently our supplements are only available through our website, www.skytreenaturals.com. We have, however, begun widening our distribution. You can now find our supplements at the Utah Life Clinic in Provo, Utah (utahlifeclinic.com) and at justababy.com Check our website regularly for more information.

Q:        Where are these products made? If not in the US, is the process up to US standards?

A:        Our products are made in Canada in FDA and Health Canada approved and monitored facilities, and are GMP compliant.

Q:        When will I notice a difference? Right away? A week after taking it? When?

A:        Some individuals notice a change within a few days of use, whereas others experience a difference in one to two weeks. Body size is a factor, however, and to ensure that there is a complete regeneration of healthy cells in the body, it is highly recommended that the product be taken daily for 60-90 days. That’s the time period it takes for hormones to return to their optimal state.

Q:        What’s the difference between Hormonal Harmony and the Conceive products? How do I know which is right for me?

A:        Hormonal Harmony is a general hormonal regulator and the cornerstone of the Skytree Naturals’ product line. It helps reduce fatigue, irritability, and stress, while improving energy levels, stamina, and weight loss.

Conceive for Men and for Women are indication-specific products, expressly designed to address sexual function challenges. Specific supportive ingredients, relevant to the purpose (e.g. fertility, libido, alleviation of menopause symptoms in women; sperm enhancement, libido, prostate symptom relief in men) are added to the base polyamine formula to expedite delivery and ensure that the actives reach the hormone(s) accountable for that function.

Q:       Is your product effective in prostate-related problems?

A:        Yes. Conceive for Men addresses one of the most common diseases of middle-aged men, Prostatitis. The anti-inflammatory agents and analgesic properties of the formula effectively helps reduce the pain and swelling associated with Prostatitis.