About us

Skytree Naturals’ breakthrough new line of hormonal therapeutics provides naturally-based, affordable alternatives to conventional drug therapy as well as safe, patented replacements to the wide array of herbal remedies/aphrodisiacs currently available in the field of hormonal health.

Skytree Naturals is the commercial arm of Nokomis Research, a global healthcare research company with over 20 years’ experience developing innovative, natural solutions to unique health challenges.

Internationally known for our pioneering libido and fertility enhancement products – Eroxil for men and Erosyn for women – we work closely with key medical and scientific experts worldwide to ensure the safety and efficacy of all our products.

The Skytree Naturals Difference:

Skytree Naturals have been formulated to address the root causes of hormonal imbalance. Not just ease the symptoms.There are a multitude of hormones in the human body, each one working in concert with the others. And each one with the potential of triggering unpleasant symptoms.

Skytree targets the hub of the hormonal messaging system, working to help ensure your specific core needs are met and your symptoms alleviated.

Our New Hormonal Balancing Products

Any deviation from the normal levels of hormones – no matter how small – can create uncomfortable symptoms and cause significant changes throughout the body.

Skytree Naturals – with its key patented ingredients – helps bring those hormones back to an optimal state, decelerating the aging process and improving your quality of life. Just one tablet a day can make a world of difference. Our hormonal balancing products include:


Our products have been subjected to over 20 years of rigorous testing and intensive research to ensure their utmost safety. Clinical trials, extensive human observational studies, and toxicology studies have shown our patented formulations to work not only effectively, but safely, with absolutely no evidence of any detrimental effects on health, growth or overall wellbeing. Years of international research conducted by experts in the field have also confirmed a safe and effective history of usage. Products are manufactured in an FDA-inspected lab and batch-tested for purity.

In the development of all its products, Skytree Naturals adheres to Good Manufacturing Practice principles (GMP) and works closely with the FDA, U.S. Pharmacopia, Health Canada and other regulatory bodies as needed.

Skytree Naturals is committed to developing only the best, most effective products, quality products you know you can trust. Our goal is to enhance the health and wellbeing of people and animals worldwide.